Whether you are coming to Africa to film or for a special event, setting about arranging everything you need can be daunting. What is possible? What permits are required? Where and when to visit places? How do you ensure everything is done in the given time, on budget? After all this is Africa!

Over the years Hemingways has worked with a diverse group of film, television, event management and corporate groups, providing transport and arranging logistics across Zambia and Southern Africa. Tell us details of your event and we can give you an idea about what is possible, how much it will cost and the best time of year to make your visit.


Given the limited time most groups have, we have found that the more planning that can be done prior to the visit, the more likely it is that the visit will be a successful one.

Every event is different, and has its own specific requirements. Please contact us for more details. The earlier in the process we are contacted the more effective we can be, even if you are just at the ‘idea’ stage.


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