About Us

Hemingways was founded in 2003 by Pete Hemingway and his wife Annabel Faulks. Pete and Annabel, originally from the UK, decided after many years of travel in Africa they wanted to start a company to offer other people the chance to experience what they have been lucky enough to over the years.

Pete is an above knee amputee, so his original focus for the business was to increase the opportunities for disabled travellers in Livingstone and the surrounding areas. Over the years the business has expanded and now has a range of vehicles from game viewers to fully equipped 4×4’s for self-drive adventures.

Hemingways remains a family business to this day, and Pete and Annabel hope that the two new additions to the family (Thomas and Charlie) will keep the business going for many years to come…they will be put to work once they have learnt to walk, talk, read and write!

In additional to the family members, there are also a few other key members of the team…



Wilson has been with the company for many years, and is not only fully trained guide but has a wealth of knowledge of the local area. Wilson is the main reason that our fully equipped 4×4’s are prepared and ready to leave the yard, on time every time. Having worked on numerous specialist projects over the years we are confident that you will find Wilson an asset to your trip to Livingstone, whether it be for business or pleasure.



Linda is the newest member of our team and has recently retired from the overland business, where she spent 10 years as an expedition leader. She has travelled between Nairobi and Cape Town more times than she can remember, and has a wealth of knowledge of East and Southern African countries, particularly if you need to know where the best chocolate cake is!








Andie is lucky enough to spend her time between Zambia and Switzerland. When in Zambia she helps manage the Hemingways business to enable Pete and Annabel to have some time off….if you call having a family time off! Andie has travelled through many countries in Africa and tries to extend her knowledge of Zambia by sneaking off for weekends when she is in town. In Switzerland she is a White Water Rafting Guide.

Our team is always expanding, so don’t be surprised if you meet other staff members on your visit!

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