Frequently Asked Questions

If it is your first time 4×4 driving in Africa you may have many questions about the vehicles and what to expect. We have tried to cover some of the most frequently asked questions here. Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

Do I need an International Driving License to drive in Zambia?

No, you can drive on your own countries license for up to 3 months.

 Is there cell phone coverage across Zambia?

No, not all areas of Zambia have cell phone coverage. Coverage is improving year on year and whilst you will have coverage in most towns, there are large areas (for example in the National Parks) where network coverage in not available.

Do your vehicles come with roadside recovery?

There is no roadside recovery company that operate in Zambia. Given our experience we have contacts across the Southern Africa region and we aim to get help to you as quickly as possible if you encounter any problems.

 Can you ‘wild camp’ anywhere in Zambia?

No, it is illegal to wild camp in Zambia. You have to stay in official camp sites, although some of these can be very wild!

 Is it safe to travel in Zambia?

Like anywhere in the world if you use common sense then you should have no issues traveling in Zambia. Ask advice about places to stay and areas to visit and you should encounter no problems during your visit.

 Can you view Victoria Falls from the Zambian side?

Yes, you can see Victoria Falls from both the Zambian and Zimbabwe side. Livingstone is the town located on the Zambian side and Victoria Falls is the town based on the Zimbabwe side.

 Can you provide a driver with the vehicle?

We can, at certain times of the year, provide a driver if required. Please contact us for further information.

 Can you book accommodation and flights for our trip?

Whilst we can provide suggestions on who flies to Zambia and where to stay during your visit, we do not actually book flights or accommodation for you.


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